A view of multiple houses

LaSalle Neighborhood Project

With funding from the Wells Fargo Foundation and other partners, CSG was able to begin to revitalize this neighborhood. Priorities on this project were beatification, reduce crime, helping homeowners maintain and update their homes, and remove blighted properties. 


LaSalle Street was once a vibrant and growing neighborhood. Workers from the adjoining factory and their families brought a strong sense of community to the area but once the factory shut down, things quickly changed. Crime increased, needles flooded the street, and the quality of life significantly changed. What was once a bustling family neighborhood became a cold part of town with a dark reputation. Investment into the houses and neighborhood came to a grinding halt. 

The residents of the neighborhood were eager for help to restore the spirit of the neighborhood and to once again feel proud of where they lived. The neighborhood children needed a nurturing environment where they could play and feel safe. This is the type of project the Community Strategies Group is proud to spearhead.

Project Details

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Community Investment:
Homes Renovated
New Homes Built

The Impact