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Rich Kisner

Executive Director

Josh Nespoli

Deputy Director

Beth Burke

Support Service Coordinator

Nyky Crabb

Administrative Assistant

Sheryl Davidson

Fiscal Assistant

Matt Karchner

Property Manager

Missy Stout

Property Manager

Mike Sweitzer

Maintenance Supervisor

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Matt Hess

Executive Director

Amanda Samsel

Section 8/
Housing Authority

Betsy Rubio

Redevelopment Authority Specialist

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24/7 Maintenance

Mike Sweitzer

Maintenance Supervisor

Carolyn Culpepper

ERAP Specialist

Sherry Fraind

Erap Specialist

Shawna Renninger

Erap Specialist

Shawna Roleski

ERAP Specialist

Mary Sheatler

Erap Specialist


Erap Administrative Assistant


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Take a closer look into the inspiration from some of our past projects and the impact they have had on our community. 

Scott Meadows Elderly Apartments &
Benton Manor Elderly Apartments

Year: 2001 (S) & 2003 (B)
Investment: $2,258,325 & $1,246,680
Description: Affordable Townhome style Senior Rentals
Number of Units: 24 (55+) & 11 (62+)

A reserved parking sign for handicap
Scott meadows sign with buildings in the background