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Community Strategies Group’s experience and leadership generates dynamic community conversation that leads to data-driven innovation and collaborative partnerships rooted in local values.

We have many projects currently in-progress and many more on the horizon. 

Mills on Market

Year: 2022
Investment: $4,460,438
Description: Housing Condominiums For Sale 80% AMI
Number of Units: 9
Funding: CDBG-DR, Sale of Units, & Private Financing

A graphical view of mills maarkets
Apartment buildings
a 3d rendering of buildings

Bloom Heights Apartments

Year: 2024
Investment: Est $12,739,702
Description: New single-family townhouses at <60% area median income
Number of Units: 36
Funding: LIHTC (pending), PennHOME (pending), Act 137 (Pending)

a 3d rendering of apartments
a blueprint for a project
a 3d rendering of buildings
a map of project locations

Dr. Charles Gillespie Memorial Park:

Year: 2023
Investment: $298,000
Description: Pocket park & outdoor arts venue in Downtown Bloomsburg
Funding: Greenways & Trailways, Naming Rightes, Neighborhood Assistance Tax Credits, Private Giving
Status: Construction Begins Spring 2024

Kathy L. Lowe Pavilion

Year: Phase 1 2023. Currently Fundraising for Phase 2.
Description: The Kathy L. Lowe Memorial Pavilion, located just steps from The HUB at Mulberry Mill, is an outdoor meeting and events venue made of hand-milled timber and stone. Full office technology capabilities, gas heat and working fire place, and removable walls make this an open-air venue that can be used for meetings, special events and gatherings, or telecommuting workspace 9 months out of the year. Phase 1, funded through PA State RACP funds, will build the foundation, timber frame, and roof. Doors, fireplace, and additional amenities will be added as new funding for each additional item is secured. You can support Phase 2 of this project by donating in Kathy Lowe’s memory.

Thank you for your generous support of Phase 1:
Senator John Gordner
Representative David Millard
Community Giving Foundation: Berwick
Columbia County Commissioners Chris Young, David Kovach, and Rich Ridgway

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Future & Current Project News

Hope Garver June 16, 2022

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Future & Current Project News


Take a closer look into the inspiration from some of our past projects and the impact they have had on our community. 

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Scott Meadows Elderly Apartments &
Benton Manor Elderly Apartments

Year: 2001 (S) & 2003 (B)
Investment: $2,258,325 & $1,246,680
Description: Affordable Townhome style Senior Rentals
Number of Units: 24 (55+) & 11 (62+)

A reserved parking sign for handicap
Scott meadows sign with buildings in the background