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Bloom artist hit by housing woes

Bloom artist hit by housing woes By M.J Mahon Published: September 18th, 2022 Article Summarization Imagine having 30 days to find a new home after living in the same house for 25 years. That’sthe situation Diane Derr and her husband Bill found themselves in when a new landlord decidedtheir rental house wasn’t worth repairing. Diane, […]

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A starry night with a church in the center

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A lakeview of a foggy lake

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Take a closer look into the inspiration from some of our past projects and the impact they have had on our community. 

Scott Meadows Elderly Apartments &
Benton Manor Elderly Apartments

Year: 2001 (S) & 2003 (B)
Investment: $2,258,325 & $1,246,680
Description: Affordable Townhome style Senior Rentals
Number of Units: 24 (55+) & 11 (62+)

A reserved parking sign for handicap
Scott meadows sign with buildings in the background