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B eth Burke
Community Strategies Group
Support Service Coordinator

Adrian Mael
United Way of Columbia Montour President/CEO

Collaboration of United Way, CSO, and CSG


1. First-time Home Buyer currently a resident of Columbia County and purchasing a home in Columbia County
2. Buyer meets mortgage requirements of a participating lender
3. Total household income before taxes is less than 80% of local median
4. Additional eligibility requirements will apply. Contact for more information.
Eligible buyers may receive up to $5,000 of matching funds to put towards down payment and/or closing costs associated with their first qualifying home purchase.
• Interest free and payment free loan.
• Repayment due in full at time of:
     → Refinance or sale of home
     → 2 years after mortgage payoff

Eligible Properties
• Single-family units serving as principal residence of borrower
• Must be on a permanent foundation with permanent water and sewage connections
• No axles or hitch

Our Revolving Car Loan Program assists those in need of a transportation vehicle for a maximum of 3 years. We provide a temporary vehicle for low income individuals/families who currently strive to increase their financial income. This is available to those with or without credit. This program consists of daily support and guidance that will help individuals/families maintain or develop their budget, employment, and credit score. Our mission is to help our community reach financial wellness, self-suffiency, and independence within their personal and work lives.
Please e-mail or mail FULLY COMPLETED application to Josh Nespoli:
Address:   Josh Nespoli | Deputy Director
                 700 Sawmill Road Suite 101
                 Bloomsburg, PA 17815
Eligibility requirements
1. Family household income must be at or below 60% Area Median Income (AMI)
2. Must be using vehicle to increase income by: gaining employment, changing employer, or increasing hours at employment
3. Must have sufficient earnings to repay the loan.
4. Must have an established relationship and be recommended by a member of a human services agency who can verify that the applicant has demonstrated a commitment to work towards self-sufficiency.
5. Must agree to participate in Budgeting Counseling and ongoing budget reviews.
6. Must agree to participate in vehicle prevention maintenance training and have vehicle serviced as prescribed.
7. Must agree to notify Community Strategies Group and be willing to participate in employment readiness programs if employment is lost or reduced.
8. Must agree to maintain appropriate vehicle insurance.
9. Must agree to keep vehicle registration and inspection current.
Any questions or concerns? Call us!
Josh Nespoli | Deputy Director: (570)-394-4905
Please e-mail or mail FULLY COMPLETED application to Beth Burke:

Once received, you will be informed on your acceptance.

Once received, you will be informed on your acceptance.

Address:    Beth Burke | Property Manager
                  700 Sawmill Road Suite 101
                  Bloomsburg, PA 17815
First Time Home Buyers 
Revolving Car Loan Program