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Garden style apartments for individuals 62 years old and older. Located in peaceful Benton, near Fishing Creek.

Benton Manor Apartments has the ruralness and peacefulness that brings relaxation and comfort into your home. As a small community, we welcome and accept all different walks of life. Our beautiful, safe, and quiet neighborhood helps individuals adjust to their new, lively home.



• Kitchen

• Living room

• Bathtub/Shower

• Individual front porches

• Large walk-in bedroom closets

• Utility room

• Communal laundry facility on premises

• Smoke free


All household members must be 62 years old or older

Household must be income eligible

1 up to $16,960 $454
$16,961 to $21,200 $567
$21,201 to $25,440 $638
2 up to $19,360 $454
$19,361 to $24,200 $567
$24,201 to $29,040 $638

1 unit specifically designated for hearing and vision impaired

• Utilities are included in rent payment
• Tenant is responsible for cable and phone
• Security Deposit = 1 month’s rent
Please e-mail or mail FULLY COMPLETED application to Lori Rider:
E-mail: MStout@CSGPA.org
Address: Missy Stout | Property Manager
237 West 6th Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Once received, you will be mailed a letter to inform you of your elgibility for our wait list.

Any questions or concerns? Call us!
Missy Stout: 570-394-6434

Scott Meadows Elderly Apartments &
Benton Manor Elderly Apartments

Year: 2001 (S) & 2003 (B)
Investment: $2,258,325 & $1,246,680
Description: Affordable Townhome style Senior Rentals
Number of Units: 24 (55+) & 11 (62+)

A reserved parking sign for handicap
Scott meadows sign with buildings in the background