Building a Better Berwick

Building a Better Berwick is a plan that focuses on the continuation of strengthing the town of Berwick to its fullest potential. Our plan is desgined to improve economic development, creation of jobs/businesses, and overall quality of life within Berwick. Through intensive research and development, we have uncovered key understandings and formed detailed implementations that will create a positive outcome for the community. The people of Berwick love to call this town their home. Our goal is to build up this communal bond and care for the town into a stronger one, where outside areas aware of the benefits and livlihood of living in Berwick.

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Through their website, you can discover volunteering opportunities and popular events throughout the year. Insight to exploring local restaurants, shops, markets and entertainment is also provided. Users can find out information regarding government within their own townships and boroughs. To view their website, click HERE.

Experience Berwick's Facebook page provides current events, activities in town, job and involvement for community members like you! Stay up to date with these daily posts and opportunities by clicking the like button. To view their Facebook page, click HERE.

Experience Berwick 

Berwick's Next Step committee members hold a public meeting to explain the motivation and plan for enhancing Downtown Berick through YouTube. Downtown Berwick: What's Next? gives insight to current town characteristics and implements opportunity ideas. To watch this YouTube video, click HERE.

Experience Berwick is a group that focuses on promoting Berwick's positive image, opportunities, and recreational acitivities. The mission of Experience Berwick is to generate involvement of community members to create a positive impact within local areas.