About Berwick West End

West End Corners
A Paper for the Neighborhood

Towards the end of WWII, a Berwick company called Keystone Publishing Company created a tiny neighborhood paper called West End Corners Weekly. We pay homage that tradition with a new quarterly newsletter named in its honor.

Berwick's West End's Blueprint is a neighborhood revitalization initiatived managed by Community Strategies Group. The neighborhood covers LaSalle, Monroe, and Washington Streets in the Borough of Berwick, PA.

In 2005, a group of residents concerned about perceived decline in their community were designated by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh as one of a handful of Pennsylvania "Blueprint Communities." Their mission was to organize and mobilize their neighbors to bring about positive change. From this beginning, a "Blueprint for Revitalization" plan was developed with funding provided by the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation.

The plan identifies action steps to enhance the quality of life for neighborhood residents, focusing on improvements to environmental factors and solutions to social concerns. The overall goal for the area is to restore its status as a desirable community and place for home-ownership, where housing remains affordable while property values rise, for all families and individuals regardless of what stage of life they find themselves in.

Follow our progress in the neighborhood's latest developments on Facebook: Berwick Blueprint Community.

Construction is complete.

Learn about some of our accomplishements: Project to Date

Dates to Remember:

Annual Block Party: 9/14/19 11am-2pm at Sponsler's Park
Neighborhood Meetings: 7pm on 3rd Tuesday, February/May/Aug/Nov


Fall Due November